New Auto Parts

Until Ford's Model T came along, the new auto parts industry was not very big. This was primarily because the number of automobiles on the road was not very high. The Oldsmobile was considered the first mass car because it was the first vehicle to be produced in thousands. The scenario is very different today since more than one million cars and trucks get added to the road on an annual basis. Demand for new auto parts is rising constantly due to two reasons.

One- vehicle manufacturing methods and techniques have improved a lot.As more and more new cars are made, demand for new parts also rises. Secondly, a new auto part is needed by car owners who as replacement for faulty parts. The general perception is that auto new parts are always better than used parts. Of course, some experts say that always installing new parts in an old vehicle is not a smart move. The new part will take time to break in while old parts would be working at maximum efficiency. Hence, some prefer going in for used automotive parts so that the performance of the vehicle does not suffer.

Demand for new parts can be classified on the basis of functionality. Not all automotive parts are vital for the vehicle's performance. Some are installed just because they look good in the car. A 1970 Ford car will not have the same stylized bumper fitted in cars today. You can opt for such customized bumpers for your old vehicle to make it look smart and stylish. However, the same cannot be said for the spark plug or the oil filter. It depends on the configuration of the engine and compatibility of all parts that are integrated together.

The late 80's and early 90's can be described as the watershed as far as automotive parts and services are concerned. It was only after this period that use of the computers in automobiles caught speed. Today, it is virtually impossible to find a vehicle without a computer chip to help the mechanical parts work properly. It also helps the mechanic quickly determine what is wrong with the vehicle.

Although there are specialized channels for auto enthusiasts to track the latest new parts fitted in cars, bulk of automotive parts news is disseminated through the review of new cars that include details of the various parts used in the vehicles. Improvement in an automotive part occurs when a manufacturer makes a breakthrough and competitors try to come up with better parts to win back the business.

If you cannot purchase parts made by the original equipment manufacturer, it makes sense to go in for an aftermarket part. The only difference between an aftermarket automotive part and an original part is that the former does not have the reputation of the manufacturer behind it.